Panniers packed – Preparing for a winter weekend bike tour

13 Jan

You may be more than a bit surprised to be getting an email from us now, after how long??  Well, it is safe to say that the roast beast leftovers have been devoured, the nutcrackers packed safely away, the zillions of dried pine needles swept up, and the new years resolutions are making their way into limbo…but you will be happy to know that we survived the glutinous love of the holidays and are excited for the weekend.

Friday the 13th at eight o’clock on the dot…what is the world doing? Decompressing from a hard week of work, getting primed for a night out on the town, on the lookout for werewolves?  Well, not us.  We just had a relaxed dinner of grilled cheese and soup–lovely in all its simplicity–and cannot wait for the sun to rise tomorrow morning. By the time the sun hits the horizon we will be decked out in spandex and wool, riding the ferry across the Puget Sound, and beginning our ride up into Port Townsend.  Yes, yes, the weather forecast may not inspire cyclists across the northwest to grab their helmets and hop of their bikes…

…but a little snow doesn’t scare us…..alright it does a little, but we’ve busted out our booties, our ski gloves and spandex, wool and fleece galore!

A while back, Dave had a rad opportunity through Full Circle Farm to sail with Sound Experience and had a wonderful time.  SE is a pretty amazing organization that hosts leadership and environmental education programs aboard a historical,  133 foot wooden schooner for weeks at a time.  But a big ol’ beautiful boat needs serious upkeep, so a few weeks back, they sailed it up to Port Townsend, dry docked it, and this weekend they have invited dozens of people to collectively varnish, sew, haul, and hammer away, as part of the national MLK weekend of service.

After sailing with SE, Dave’s enthusiasm was contagious and we decided that “no matter what” we would volunteer on their next weekend of service.  Months pass, and, well, “no matter what” apparently means snow, eek!  We almost bailed on the biking bit (because we could also just drive), but there’s something to be said about getting back up on our steel horses and facing the elements together once again. The best part? We get to bike through Port Gamble, where we tied that glorious knot 8 months ago.   That’s not to say that when I’m soaked to the bone, freezing, and Dave is the only one in earshot, he may or may not hear something other than lavendar and roses coming from my mouth, but it’s all part of the story, all part of the adventure.

Our gear is set. Time to have a few fingers of bourbon, hit the hay, and dream about tomorrow.

Cheers to an amazing man who fought for freedom and a long weekend to celebrate life,



One Response to “Panniers packed – Preparing for a winter weekend bike tour”

  1. Nancy Hughes January 14, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Port Gamble..such a special place in my heart too!! Have a blast.

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