Weekend Warriors once again: Hood Canal bicycle tour

7 May

So, first off, we fail.  Our last post was back in February?!  Sheesh.  A lot has happened since then.

We’ve officially been hitched for over a year and to commemorate the day we set off on our honeymoon bike tour across the country (exactly one year ago!), we decided to hop back on our bikes and go for a weekend-bike-tour-oyster festival-pedal around the Hood Canal.  Our legs were strong (as was the wind), the sun gushed down (as did the rain), and the oysters were delectable (as was the fresh air).  We finished the 135 miles in front of our home with smiles and a nice layer o’ sweat upon our faces.  It’s amazing how it only takes a couple days away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, to be brought back to a place, pace, and time where you truly believe you can do anything.

Cheers to all of YOU who make us who we are.



Bicycle Loop around Hood Canal (from Seattle)


Day 1: Seattle to Twanoh State Park, ~25 miles from Bremerton

With a little bit of forethought and planning, we were able to bust out of work Friday afternoon at quarter to 4pm and catch the 4:20pm ferry with a couple dozen other commuting cyclists over to Bremerton.   We ran into Dave’s coworker, Matt, and after a lovely trip across the Sound, Matt guided us to some great grub at Noah’s Ark Restaurant.  After filling our bellies with dirty sammies, we climbed out of Bremerton (twice–once up a monster dead end hill, and then again the right way, le sigh), and made our way to Twanoh State Park just as the rain had sufficiently numbed my toes and the sun had gone behind the mountains.  Yummy beers to top off the night, our tent and down feathers to keep us warm, then off to Dreamland…

Day 2: Twanoh State Park to Dosewalips State Park ~43 miles

After breaking down camp, we headed off along the water.  The ride was mostly flat with some smaller rolling hills closer to Dosie.  The highlight of the day might have been stopping at Hoodsport Winery for some pear wine, but unfortunately, it wasn’t open at 9am (shocker).  We sat on the stoop of the storefront, had some snacks, and pushed off towards Hama Hama for the Hama Rama Oyster Festival.  As they say along the canal–“when the tide is out, set the table!”  Fresh oysters from the beach, live music, shucking contests, plenty of food and drink, I’m hooked!  We hung out for 3+ hours then made the last ~13 mile “push” to our campsite.  It may have been cold outside, but great conversation and tuna mac kept our souls and bellies warm.

Day 3:  Dosewalips State Park home ~54 miles

The stretch between Dosie and the Hood Canal bridge may have been my favorite stretch of the riding–mellow traffic, endless forests opening up into the farmlands and pastures of Quilcene, long steady uphills and gratifying downs that allow your mind to wander and struggle just enough…Then across the bridge, lunch in Port Gamble, a not so great route onto Bainbridge, a flat tire 4 miles from the ferry, and a happy daze on the ferry ride home.

Happiness and love,



Taking refuge from the rain, about to load onto the Bremerton Ferry:

Matt showing us the way to Noah’s Ark Restaurant:

Nothing beats a beer after a good day’s ride, at Twanoh State Park (and yes, it was very cold):

Nettle Honey jamming out in front of a mountain of oyster shells at the Hama Hama Oyster Rama:

Combing the beach and finding a monster sea snail:

Tuna Mac will always have a place in my heart, especially with the addition of our Full Circle spinach:

Ain’t she a beauty (thanks again, Annie-boat!):

Breathin’ deep, sweatin’ hard, and lovin’ life


2 Responses to “Weekend Warriors once again: Hood Canal bicycle tour”

  1. Anonymous May 8, 2012 at 4:49 am #

    you guys are amazing
    love dad

  2. dstrong May 8, 2012 at 6:13 am #

    yeah, i second that. super jealous. keep the blog posts (and monster rides) comin

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